In addition to manufacturing industrial and reinforcing equipment, Ergon has excelled in repairing and overhauling of products from other manufacturers. The overhaul is done according to users requests and according to the state determined at the reception at the workshop. Each completed overhaul is followed with the record of defect inspection, technical documentation and attest of functionality of the product after repairs and tests.

Ergon repairs the following products:

-Overhauling of ball valves

            -Ball repair, making a new ball,

            -Making new ball seats,

            -Spindle repair, or manufacturing of a new one,

            -Making the labyrinth spindle packing,

            -Welding of worn or cracked parts...


-Shut off valves overhaul

            -Welding and straightening the valve seat,

            -Straightening or manufacturing of new poppet (mushroom),

            -Correcting or creating a new threaded spindle,

            -Changing the spindle sealing…



-Centrifugal pumps overhauling

            -Leveling and welding of pump shaft,

            -Bearings replacment ,

            -Bringing the impeller to anticipated measure or manufacturing a new one,

            -Enclosure seal replacement,

            -Mechanical seal replacement…



-Check valves overhauling

            -Spring replacement,

            -Seat flattening,

            -Finishing or making a new poppet,

            -Surfacing of cracked parts,

            -Connector thread cleaning…


-Valves with pneumatic actuators overhauling

            -Making tap elements or valves on the shut-off body,

            -Repair of existing or making of new parts for the valve-actuator connection,

            -Valves testing...