Certificates and References

Ergon d.o.o. the firm for production, engineering, consulting and trading was established in 1993.

Production programme of ERGON has been established in order to meet the needs of market in the domain of investing equipment, investment and current maintenance in chemical, pharmacentical and food industries, and in the domain of energetics, petro-chemical industry and application of technical gases. Beside the fact that ERGON produces the products after SRPS, GOST, DIN, ISO, ANSI norms, the firm stood out in solving the atypical problems related to the satisfying the function of specific products, especially in the domain of high aggressive and high - abrasive fluids, pipelines exposed to pneumatic or hydro impact and high-explosive gases.

Respecting the quality politics is the heart of all our activities. Ergon applies about 99% of material that can be recycled and so it contributes to environment protection but also to saving energy and raw materials.

We also offer overhaul of taps, valves and pumps of all manufacturers as well as complete engineering that is solving of the problems in the process of production, together with manufacture and providing of the equipment and mounting.



- Messer Beograd

- Messer Aligaz (Turkey)

- Messer plin Sarajevo

- NIS Novi Sad

- Cryo gas Beograd

- Henkel Kruševac

- US Steel

- Al Pack Subotica

- WIG Beograd

- PPT fabrika industrijske pneumatike Trstenik

- RM Alkon Stahl Beograd

- Jagodinska Pivara

- BIP (Beogradska industrija piva)

- RTB Bor

- RD Dijagnostika Beograd

- Vatrosprem

- Titan Kosjeric

- Energotok Beograd

- Coca Cola Helenica Beograd

- Fuel Boss Yenica

- Mital Tuzla

- Euro gas Beograd

- Bexing Beograd